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“When is my road going to be repaved?” is a frequently asked question. Typically roads in a specific area of unincorporated Winfield Township are re-surfaced every ten years. However, due to rising paving prices and budget restraints, the re-surfacing schedule has been delayed by three to four years. The schedule for patching/paving is as follows:


High Lake Subdivision
Colford Ave
DuPage St
High Lake Ave
Hillview Ave
Indian Knoll Rd
Indian Knoll Tr
North Main St
South Main St
Morningside Ave
North Lake Dr
Rogers Ct
South Lake D
Sunset Ave

River Glen Subdivision
Bauman Ct
Childs St
Garys Mill Rd
Indian Knoll Rd
Morningside Ave
Prince Crossing
River Glen Rd
Washington St

Marion Rd

This list is tentative and streets may be deleted to accommodate the prices in the contract.